How Google Adwords Can Put Your Appliance Repair Business In Front Of Local Customers

In this podcast we discuss how to get in front of consumers that are in your local service, the exact moment that they are searching online to find a reputable appliance repair company to fix their residential appliances.

How To Make Google Adwords A Success For Your Local Appliance Repair Business

    Listen to this appliance repair marketing podcast to learn how to get better results with your appliance repair Google AdWords campaign so that you can get better conversions, which means more phone calls to your appliance repair business and as a bonus you can get a lower cost per click and reduce your […]

3 Common Mistakes Appliance Repair Companies Make With Google Adwords

In this episode we discuss some of the top Google AdWords mistakes that appliance repair business owners make when they run an appliance repair PPC campaign with Google AdWords.  Learning how to prevent these mistakes will help you to improve your appliance repair lead generation strategies, so you can start getting more appliance repair job […]

Appliance Repair Marketing SEO Strategy

On this podcast we discuss how to come up with an effective appliance repair search engine optimization strategy so that you can start receiving new appliance repair customers from the internet in your local service area. A good appliance repair seo strategy should be part of your appliance repair marketing strategy if you want to […]

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Using Yelp Paid Tools to Promote My Appliance Repair Company

Yelp is used by most businesses in the appliance repair industry to understand the demographics of their customers and to improve customer experience. Even though Yelp is free, there are some extra features that will cost you. Some of the extra features are: Deals When you use Living Social or Groupon, there is a feature […]

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Types Of Appliance Repair Marketing

Appliance repair companies focus their attention only on their services, not recognizing that success is not limited to business offers, but the ability of their company to reach a market and convince the potential customers to use their service. Marketing their services is crucial for the success of any company in the appliance repair industry. […]

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Appliance Repair Marketing And Yoga?

Are you new to marketing your appliance repair company?  Maybe what you did in the past is just go on the recommendation of your sales rep at the newspaper or radio station, but now you are trying to figure out this marketing thing yourself because you are just not seeing the results you are hoping […]

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Internet Marketing For Appliance Repair Companies Explained

What is Internet Marketing? In simple words, internet marketing is any promotion, marketing tactic, or advertising used online to promote a product or service. This includes email marketing, promoting website or blog, and social media marketing. If you are planning to use internet marketing to promote your appliance repair business, your goal should be to: […]

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Are You Throwing Your Appliance Repair Advertising Dollars Out The Window?

Traditional marketing mediums such as radio, print ads, direct mailers, and television can scale easily, and help you reach thousands of potential customers. There are many people who will not agree with me. But the fact remains that unless you integrate your online marketing campaign with your traditional advertising campaign, you will not be able […]

Are Customers Choosing Your Competitors Over You?

Like it or not, the customer is always right and they have the power to control the performance of your company. If the customer is unhappy with the appliance repair service offered by your company, they can simply choose another appliance repair company for their needs. As an appliance repair business owner, you must know […]