Marketing Investment ROI

5 High ROI Marketing Investments That Appliance Repair Companies Should Focus On In 2020

    In conditions where most appliance repair businesses feel the pressure to keep their marketing costs down, keeping a sharp eye on your return on investment (ROI) is vital. Focusing on digital marketing efforts that deliver strong ROI is smarter than ever. Local SEO can be one of those that offer a high rate […]

appliance repair marketing with voice search

How To Optimize Your Appliance Repair Website For Voice Search?

  Search marketing is changing the world. Have you ever used Cortana on your Windows Computer to find a file or document?   Or asked Siri on your iPhone to tell you where the best Chinese restaurant is?   Perhaps you’ve asked your Google Home Device about what the weather is like today or ordered […]

google plus marketing

What Does The Closing of Google Plus+ Mean For Appliance Repair Companies?

  If Google + was one of the ways you marketed your appliance repair business, then you are already aware that Google+ has been shut down by Google in April 2019, because the platform is in a difficult situation. This comes as no surprise for many of us. The traffic on the platform was fading, […]

google short name for appliance repair companies

Did You Claim Your Google My Business Short Name?

  How cool would it be to share your Google My Business listing with a business specific or cool URL?  If you think that would be a good idea then read on, as we explain one of the latest updates with your GMB listing.   Google My Business has finally got short names or short […]

State Of The Local Appliance Repair SEO

State Of The Local Appliance Repair SEO Industry Report 2019

 Today we’re going to cover local search marketing for appliance repair companies in 2019:    Local search marketing or local search engine optimization connects your appliance repair business to local consumers.   The Internet is a bridge to the places where consumers not only buy things but also where they work.   There’s more competition […]

Google Local Service Ads: The “New Kid” On The Appliance Repair Lead Generation Block

  WHAT’S INSIDE?   Webinar Replay:  Google Local Service Ads Overview   What Is Google Local Service Ads And How It Works?   What Cities Are Google Local Service Ads Available In?   Benefits to Google’s Local Service Ads   The Google Guarantee – Gain Trust For Your Appliance Repair Company   Why You Need […]

online marketing plan for appliance repair companies

2019 Appliance Repair Online Marketing Plan

  WHAT’S INSIDE?   Webinar Replay: The 2019 Online Marketing Plan   What Are Your Goals For 2019?   Who Is Your Ideal Customer?   How To Craft Your Advertising Message   Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website?   Why You Should Have A Referral Program In Place   The Key Appliance Repair Marketing […]

Receptionist on call

Does Your Receptionist In Your Appliance Repair Company Rocks At Sales?

  WHAT’S INSIDE?   Possess Information About Appliance Repair Services Offered Multitask And Take Action Conduct Discovery Process Understanding Special Offers And Deals Identify Qualified Leads Handling Abrasive Callers Wants To Climb The Corporate Ladder   Every department of your company is important, be it sales, service, or HR. However, the sales department of the […]

Google Maps For Appliance Repair

The Google Maps Guide For Appliance Repair Businesses

How To Get Your Appliance Repair Company Ranked On Page One Using Google Maps   If you were to search on Google for any local business near you, you will notice that there is a section on the search engine that will show 3 Google Map listings. If you claim your Google My Business listing […]

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Appliance Repair Marketing And The Kardashians

There are many people who love the Kardashians, while there are others who hate what they do, but it is difficult to ignore the Kardashians. The family has made a name for themselves, won sponsors, remained in the spotlight, and they have a loyal fan following. For any celebrity to remain in the limelight for […]