Top Appliance Repair Keywords For SEO

Keyword research is an important step when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  You want to know what consumers are typing into the search engines or nowadays speaking into their smart phones to find local appliance repair companies, so that you know what search terms to optimize your appliance service website for, so that you can get targeted traffic coming to your site and calling you.

We have reviewed the historic trends for “The Big 3” search engines, Bing, Yahoo and Google and based on our research we have compiled a list of some of the most commonly used search terms for the Appliance Repair Industry.

Keyword Avg. monthly searches
appliance repair 165000
appliance repair near me 60500
refrigerator repair 49500
washing machine repair 27100
dryer repair 27100
dishwasher repair 18100
refrigerator repair near me 14800
washer repair 14800
ge appliance repair 12100
dryer repair near me 8100
oven repair 6600
washer repair near me 6600
maytag repair 6600
fridge repair 5400
washing machine repair near me 5400
washer and dryer repair 5400
samsung dryer repair 5400
microwave repair 4400
refrigerator repair service 4400
samsung refrigerator repair 4400
samsung appliance repair 4400
maytag washer repair 4400
whirlpool repair 4400
lg refrigerator repair 3600
appliance repair service 3600
lg appliance repair 3600
whirlpool washer repair 3600
dishwasher repair near me 2900
ge refrigerator repair 2900
stove repair 2900
whirlpool dryer repair 2900
maytag dryer repair 2900
microwave repair near me 2400
lg washer repair 2400
freezer repair 2400
washing machine repair service 2400
ice maker repair 2400
washer and dryer repair near me 2400
ge repair 2400
kitchenaid dishwasher repair 2400
affordable appliance repair 2400
whirlpool refrigerator repair 2400
kitchenaid repair 2400
frigidaire repair 2400
home appliance repair 1900
oven repair near me 1900
bosch dishwasher repair 1900
refrigerator repair service near me 1900
kenmore washer repair 1900
samsung washer repair 1900
washer dryer repair 1900
appliance repair service near me 1900
whirlpool appliance repair 1900
kenmore dryer repair 1900
ge appliance repair near me 1900
lg washing machine repair 1600
fridge repair near me 1600
kenmore appliance repair 1600
ge washer repair 1600
kenmore refrigerator repair 1600
bosch appliance repair 1600
dishwasher repair service 1600
kitchenaid refrigerator repair 1600
clothes dryer repair 1600
maytag repair near me 1600
whirlpool repair near me 1600
gas stove repair 1300
whirlpool cabrio washer problems 1300
samsung refrigerator repair near me 1300
local appliance repair 1300
lg dryer repair 1300
stove repair near me 1300
kenmore repair 1300
maytag appliance repair 1300
washer and dryer repair service near me 1300
dryer repair service 1300
samsung dryer repair near me 1300
maytag refrigerator repair 1300
fix washing machine 1300
samsung washing machine repair 1000
whirlpool washing machine repair 1000
washer dryer repair near me 1000
maytag dishwasher repair 1000
same day appliance repair 1000
appliance repair near you 1000
washer repair service 1000
kitchenaid appliance repair 1000
viking appliance repair 1000
frigidaire refrigerator repair 1000
advanced appliance repair 1000
gas stove repair near me 880
microwave oven repair 880
miele dishwasher repair 880
washer & dryer repair service 880
ge dryer repair 880
best appliance repair 880
maytag washer repair near me 880
whirlpool dishwasher repair 880
ge dishwasher repair 880

If you read our SEO Strategy for Appliance Repair Contractors, then you probably remember that you want to build pages for these different keyword combinations and Geo-Tag them on your appliance repair website.

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