Did You Claim Your Google My Business Short Name?

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How cool would it be to share your Google My Business listing with a business specific or cool URL?  If you think that would be a good idea then read on, as we explain one of the latest updates with your GMB listing.


Google My Business has finally got short names or short links.  This is a feature which has been rolled out for around 1% of all GMB accounts or Google My Business Listings.  You will know if you are one of them when you look at the Info tab in your account.  If you have this new feature, it will be sitting between the phone number and website information.  The representation for this is an @ icon, which is a bit confusing because it has nothing to do with social media. 


gmb profile short name


GMB Profile Short Names For AC Repair & Appliance Repair Companies


It is important that you go and check if you have this feature in your GMB Dashboard.  If you do, you should not be tempted to add something immediately.  GMB accounts owners can only change their short name 3 times per year.  If you do have this feature, you need to take some time to think about what you would like to use. 


here’s a preview of what your short name will look like: g.page/{yourbusinessname} , simple right?


gmb short name section


Where Did GMB Short Names Come From?


This feature has come from a very distinct user need.  Many hvac companies and appliance service businesses were using the GMB account as a landing page to get leads, reviews, display photos, write commentary and create posts.  They were also using the account to share directions. 


The problem is that it was never very easy to share profile links with customers because of the long URL.  The use of short names is the first step to making heating and cooling or appliance service businesses feel that GMB is part of their online presence.  They can also directly link to their account without the use of URLs that have long strings of random numbers and letters. 


The short name an ac repair company or appliance repair business chooses can be between 5 and 32 characters.  It can contain the name of the business or the location or anything the business wants.  The only condition is that it should not violate any of the GMB policies. 


It is important to note that this is not related to the vanity URL you could get when G+ was around.  Google has stated that none of the code from G+ has been used for this which is generally viewed as a good thing. 


Google has also provided a help page to create your short name with a lot of detail about how to create a short name.  It also has information about how you can flag a short name which is used for impersonation, fake, offensive or spam. 


The Common Questions


Do GMB Short Names Work On Mobile And Desktop?


The short answer to this question is yes.  The short name will work on all devices.


Can You Get Suspended When Using A Short Name?


Your account can be suspended.  However, this will only happen when you break the GMB policies regarding short names such as using an offensive or hateful name.


Can You Choose A Name Not Related To Your HVAC Company Or Appliance Repair Business?


You can choose a name as long as it adheres to the GMB policies.  However, the name should not infringe in any way on the operations of another business. 


Can Your Location Be Included In The Short Name?


You can include your location in the short name you choose.  As long as all policies are followed and the name remains within the character limit. 


Can You Change Your GMB Short Name?


You can change your GMB short name if you want to.  However, you are limited to 3 changes per year.


Does Case Matter With A GMB Short Name?


It does not matter what case you use for your short name.  You can make use of upper and lower case as you want.


Can You Lose Your GMB Short Name?


It is possible to lose your name.  This can happen if your account is deemed inactive or you have violated the policies. 


Are GMB Short Names Indexed In The Search Engines?


These names are not indexed in search and you should not work with them expecting this.


Do You Need A Verified GMB Account To Get A Short Name?


Your GMB account will need to be verified to use this feature.  Non-verified accounts will not have access to short names.


Can You See Statistics Regarding The Use Of Short Names?


As of yet, there are no statistics available for the use of your short name.


On a side note, if you go to www.g.page/(keyword), you can look up a short name.  This will tell you if a short name has been taken.  If the name has not been claimed, you will get a standard search.





What Is The Future Of Short Names?


While this is a good feature, what will happen with these names in the future?  It is possible that there will be a more transactional use for these names in the future.  It is possible that short names will be used in posts, reviews, photos, questions, booking appointments and more.  It makes sense to allow air conditioning repair or appliance repair businesses to have an easier way of guiding their clients to all parts of their GMB profile.


Of course, this does not mean that short names will be problem-free.


 There are going to be problems because all new features have problems. 


There will be people claiming trademarks and there are going to be offensives short names targeting other air conditioner repair or appliance repair businesses.  After all, this happens with domain names and social media all the time.


Over time, the feature will likely be improved.  The utility of the short names will also be improved in the future.


How To Prepare For Short Names


You will soon be able to direct customers to your short name page when they leave a review.  You need to choose a name that represents your air conditioning repair company or appliance repair company and think about the branding.  It is also important to consider how the short name will look on a business card.



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