How Call Tracking Can Benefit Your HVAC Business Or Appliance Repair Company

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One of the biggest mistakes that ac repair companies and appliance repair companies make is not tracking the results of their advertising campaigns, so they never really know which source is actually working for them. The easiest way of keeping track of both online and offline marketing campaigns is by using call tracking. When you use call tracking, you can easily find out which campaign is driving the most number of appliance repair leads to your business.

What is Call Tracking?

It is a process of putting a unique phone number on an advertising campaign to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. These phone numbers are trackable and the calls can be recorded. The recording can be used to find out how the calls were handled and whether it led to an appointment with the technician. Call tracking is an easy and a cost-effective method of tracking the source of lead. This is especially important for hvac businesses and appliance repair companies as their business’s first call of action is a simple phone call. For instance, if you place online ads, television ads, print ads, or use radio spots to promote your business, you can use different call tracking numbers in each of these platforms. When you receive a phone call from the prospect, you can analyze the effectiveness of each marketing platform.

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Important Metrics

Some important details that call tracking provide includes:

Number of Calls

This information can used to find out how many prospects called you after seeing a particular campaign.

Duration of the Call

Usually, long conversations are likely to increase your conversion rate because they indicate high customer interest.

Conversion Rate

When prospects call you, they may need time to decide if they want to use your service. You can use call tracking to find out when the prospect called you. This will give you can idea of the conversion rate of a particular marketing campaign.

Cost Per Lead

Call tracking will help you calculate the cost per lead. For instance, if your marketing budget is $1000 a month and you generate 100 leads a month, you spend $10 to generate a lead. This data will help you decide if you want to increase or decrease your marketing expenses.

Day and Location

Find out when and where the most conversions emerge. This will help you maximize your returns by spending on geographies and time frames that generate the best results.

Benefits of Call Tracking

Apart from providing details of the source of the air conditioning repair or appliance repair lead, call tracking offers several other benefits. These include:

Level of Customer Service

Listening to the conversation that your customer service team has with the prospect, you can understand how the customer support executive is handling phone calls. This will help you uncover issues such as failure to handle queries and improper greetings.

Sales Training

call tracking sales trainingThe recorded call will help you determine whether your customer support team is asking the right questions to convert the prospect into a customer. You can use the call recording to train your support team to effectively complete the task when the prospect is on the phone.

Consumer Insight

Call recordings will help you gather insight into service issues, customer trends, and in-demand services. This can be used to adjust your service offerings. Additionally, it can be used to respond to customer complaints.

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