Types Of AC Repair & Appliance Repair Marketing

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AC repair companies and appliance repair companies focus their attention only on their services, not recognizing that success is not limited to business offers, but the ability of their company to reach a market and convince the potential customers to use their service. Marketing their services is crucial for the success of any company in the ac repair or generally the appliance repair industry.

Before the advent of the internet, marketing of air conditioner repair appliance repair services was expensive and difficult. Internet has changed this; however, this does not mean that traditional marketing cannot be used with internet marketing.

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is any activity that you undertake to promote your business. You can use social media, print and media advertising, merchandising, distribution, and publicity to convince homeowners and commercial established to use your hvac business or appliance repair service. You have the option of using both traditional and internet marketing to market your services. Both marketing methods can help you achieve your sales growth objectives and there is no reason why you should choose one marketing method over the other. Before you select a method to market your heating and cooling company or appliance repair business, you must understand the pros and cons of these methods.

Traditional Marketing

Some of tactics that are a part of traditional marketing include TV, mails, direct sales, print advertising, radio, and catalogs. These strategies were popular before the advent of the internet.

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Advantages of Traditional Marketing

  1. a) If you are planning to target a particular group, then traditional marketing may be the only option you have to reach this group. For example, if you plan to target homeowners in a particular area that have retired, then using the internet or any other social media channel will not work.
  2. b) If you plan to market your services in a particular area, you may have to opt for door-to-door marketing. Using any other method may be expensive and time consuming.
  3. c) When you use traditional marketing methods, you have to rely on tangible printing material to reach out to your target audience. Your customers can read this material at their convenience. This is likely to increase the top of the mind recall of your customers and they are likely to use your services when their appliance breaks down.


  1. i) One of the reasons why people avoid using traditional marketing methods is because it is an expensive method of marketing. For instance, if you are planning to send direct mailers, you have to print hard copy of your brochure and incur postal expenses when you mail them. This can increase your marketing expenses.
  2. ii) Tracking the results of your traditional marketing campaign is not easy. For example, when you come out with print ads, it is difficult to track the benefits and conversion rate.

iii) When you use traditional marketing for your ac repair company or appliance repair business, you may have to use the services of a professional. For instance, if you want to print flyers, you may have to use the services of scriptwriter and graphic designer, which can be expensive.

Internet Marketing

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1) Most companies in the air conditioner repair business or the appliance repair industry prefer using internet marketing because it has a wider reach. Also, it is easy to measure the results of your effort. If a particular appliance marketing method is successful, you can focus on that method and avoid methods that are not effective. Real time data and qualitative results can help in deciding which method is best for you.

2) You can use social media to communicate with a certain section of individuals or a group. Most social media platforms are free and they give you instant feedback on what is working and what your customers like.

3) Internet marketing is inexpensive when compared to traditional marketing methods. If you have a website, you can easily get visitors on your site using Pay-per-Click advertising, which is not expensive.

4) Internet marketing can be used by any size business. Even if you have just started offering air conditioning repair or appliance repair services, you can use internet marketing to create awareness about the services you offer. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create this awareness.

5) You don’t have to hire a professional to run your internet marketing campaign. To start your campaign, all you need is a blog or website. Blogging is usually free, as there are several websites that allow you to start your blog for free. If you have a website, you have to spend a nominal amount to maintain your site.


  1. A) A disadvantage of online marketing is that you cannot reach people who don’t use internet. However, this number is very small.
  2. B) Maintaining your website can be time consuming. If you plan to come out with offers and incentives on a regular basis, you may have to spend several hours updating your site.
  3. C) You must be able to maintain the consistency of your brand in blogs, forums, and social media; else, the image of your company can get affected.

What is best for you?

You should not depend on one type of marketing to market your business. Instead, you should integrate both marketing methods to achieve your business goals. Just evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the method you use and opt for the method that has the lowest cost-per-lead.

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